Our Story

Founder, Diane Zell, started Silver Angels for the Elderly in 2015 when the plight of isolated seniors became personal.

Here’s her story:

My Mom was in an assisted living facility the last year of her life. I would visit her daily with my Westie and reassure her demented mind that all is well and she’s being taken care of by a caring staff.  Although that was true in her case, she so longed to be back home.  This is a common request from those in facilities.  Home is freedom, comfort, family and friends. At facilities you’re a resident, someone who needs to be taken care of.  You are destined to be staring at a TV most of the time unless you are fortunate enough to have a visitor. That’s what struck a chord with me.  While visiting Mom the ladies and gents sitting on the couch would look at us with sadness in their eyes.  “Where are my visitors?” they seemed to ask.  “Why doesn’t my family come anymore?”  Everyone longs to know that someone really cares about them like a family member or friend.  Sadly, most residents are left behind in their tiny rooms with a tv and if they’re lucky – a window where they can look out at the world that’s no longer theirs.

When my Mom passed, I still remembered those lonely folks and wanted to do something to make their lives better.  Visiting people in a rehab once a week brought smiles to their faces. “Someone cares about me” they seemed to say. Listening to their stories of a life left behind brought back feelings of worth as I took an interest in their lives.  Friendships developed which I still cherish today.  Sadly, with COVID, these folks are locked into a depressing world of mundane daily activities that lack the personal touch they so desperately need.  How can we help them?  Our ongoing birthday ministry where we provide a personalized gift on their birthday makes their day by knowing they are special and remembered.  Our hope is that they will renew those feelings when they put on that new top or look at a stuffed animal they requested.  Knowing these folks need more, we handed out “thinking of you” cards periodically.  Recognizing Mother’s and Father’s Day, as well as Veterans with gifts, reminds them of the service to their family and country.  For 3 years we provided Christmas Parties, complete with gifts, treats, and Santa as well as Christmas Card parties where we would help residents fill out cards to send to loved ones, who may not even know where they are.  Since parties aren’t allowed now, we still provided gifts to residents, caregivers, and staff to bring up their spirits.

Our volunteers are devoted to serving these residents and we continue to try to think of new ways to show them we still care.  We try to model Christ’s love and compassion for those in need.  Our hope is that more people will rise up to be an Angel Buddy for a lonely soul.  We ask facilities who would like to have someone come to visit and our Angels are excited to help.  The response from the Angels and residents is so positive that we hope to expand this ministry.  How we all need to feel appreciated!

Please join us in our efforts to bring love and joy to those in facilities.

If you know someone who needs help, please share your story with us and give us your information so we can help you!  All information is confidential.

Although she is in heaven now, her memory lives on with our cause.

— Diane Zell, founder S.A.F.E.