I was a caregiver for a 72 year old gentleman who had dementia. He lived alone. My task was to keep him safe, healthy and help maintain his household. We developed a great friendship. One of my biggest concerns was the onslaught of people calling to ask for donations or gimmicks. Then there were the lawn service folks who took advantage of his inability to make wise decisions. The elderly are preyed upon by deceivers and selfish people who don’t care who they hurt.

My next job was an In Home Health Care Coordinator. I would talk with people who knew their loved one needed extra help but either was too far away or unable to help their parents themselves. I was happy to help the over 500 desperate family members I spoke with. It wasn’t a money maker but the sense of relief on the other end of the phone was worth so much to me. I found out first hand from these callers the situations the elderly were facing, lack of care, being taken advantage of financially, mental and physical abuse or just being lonely.

My mother, 89 at the time, had moved in with us since she too had dementia and could no longer live alone. She lived with us 2 years till her health required constant care. We placed her in an assisted living in N. Idaho where she was chemically and physically abused. Narcotic medications were withheld and stolen, sleeping medications were given when not prescribed and antibiotics critical to her well being were not administered. She was found filthy and extremely upset screaming “Get me out of here”.

My husband and I took her out as soon as we could. The next facility was wonderful and she enjoyed her last days in peace. The State of Idaho facility standards took 14 months to investigate my complaint. The state had numerous other complaints about this facility but turned a blind eye to all the complaints. We are still pursuing to expose why this gross negligence on the states part occurred.

I don’t want anyone to be worried about their loved ones care. Please help support this website with your comments and questions. If you suspect abuse you can give me your information about the abuse and I will do my best to investigate it and get back to you. This is a love offering to those who want the best for their family. We can’t rely on government to respond in a timely manner – nor do they let the families know what they find.

Below is a picture of my dear friend who I cared for, my Mom and Spiffy.

Diane Zell