14 Volunteers braved a winter storm to fill bags for 119 residents at 2 rehabs. The delight these gifts bring to the residents at LaCrosse and Ivy court is sure to bring smiles, knowing they are remembered. So many never get visitors or gifts. Thank you, donors, for your support: Thrivent, Candlelight Christian Fellowship, Hayden Sr. Center, Pilgrims Market, Jan Jessberger, and Knit Wits.

Included in the bags were homemade Christmas Cards, bookmarks, and ornaments from Christian Center School and St.Thomas Catholic Church.

Thank you to Peggy Lemm, Donna Evans, Stephanie Buchlmayer, Kersten Brinkworth, Wendy Werner, Kathy Hostetter, Jeannie MacConnel, Sandy Johnson, Crystal Scott, Vickie Davison-Best, Kim, and Phil Collamore, Karen Gardy, Patrick Cole, and Walter Cole for sharing their love for residents by giving of their time and talents. May God bless you all!